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Internship FAQ

Q: Do you provide compensation?
A: Our training programs are unpaid.

Q: Will it be possible for me to get the internship and also work part time anywhere else?
A: Yes. And here there are 2 different solutions: If your internship is full time you will have the opportunity to find part-time work mainly in the week-end or in the evenings. If yours one is a part time internship you can have other paid work also paid jobs in the days you are not in the office.

Q: What do you mean "we will provide transportation and housing"?
A: If an international student has been accepted for an internship in our company, he will receive free housing (including a kitchen, washer and dryer), he will be provided with airport pick-up and drop-off and access to local transport free of charge.

Q: Can you help me through my Visa procedure?
A: Major responsibility for Visa procedure is yours; we can help providing offer letters. Yes, we will assist you during the whole procedure.

Q: Where is the company based?
A: Frederick, Maryland. On the East coast of the US; 40 miles from Washington DC and about the same distance from Baltimore.

Q: Will it be possible for me to write an assignment based on my experience in AGV Sports?
A: During this experience you will find a lot of ideas on which you could base your assignment. In addition, this internship will certainly increase the level of independence and autonomy in problem solving and achievement of fixed results.

Q: What should I bring with me during the interview?
A: Portfolio, CV, example of brochures, anything you consider good to prove your knowledge.

Q: I have not graduated, could I be selected for the position?
A: Sure, the positions are ideal for college students or recent graduated, and they are open also to all high school students.

Q: Is it possible to decide the end of the Internship while I start to work for AGV Sport?
A: As a general rule the start date as well as the end date must be fixed before the internship. We offer internship programs from 3 months until 18 months. Local residents can apply for other internship lengths.

Q: Are you hiring for the summer?
A: The selection procedure continues for the year long. However you must remember that number of spaces for summer is limited because of the larger interest.

Q: Will I be the only intern during my internship?
A: Most of the time we have many interns from all around the world who work in many areas in our company.